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In 1978 forming a punk band and expecting to be taken seriously was not on the list headed “Good Ideas” but that didn’t deter four young punks from deciding to lower the tone of the neighbourhood and deciding to call themselves The Epileptics after a suggestion by one of their mothers.
Crass played in Bishop’s Stortford in August 1978 and the two bands got talking. A few weeks later The Epileptics had a gig with Crass at The Basement in Covent Garden. Only five people turned up during the soundcheck, then left. The Epileptics played their set to Crass followed by Crass playing their set to The Epileptics. An alliance had been formed that would last for many years!
Complaints of ‘ill-conceited jocularity’ from The British Epilepsy Association resulted in a name change to Epi-x, then changed to The Licks under pressure from Strortbeat who released the bands debut “1970s” single, much played by John Peel.
More releases and national acclaim followed, all too much for the local punks to handle so a backlash started and in 1979 the last few gigs ended in slanging matches.
In early 1980 the nucleus of Colin and Derek re-emerged renamed as Flux Of Pink Indians, but that’s another story…
1 1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong
2 System Rejects
3 Hitler's Still A Nazi / War Crime
4 Two Years Too Late
5 I've Got A Target On My Back
6 What Have You Got To Smile About?
7 Get Nicked, Get Fined Sixty Quid
8 Can't Stand Sitting Down
9 Anarcheest (69)
10 Cheap
11 Get Nicked, Get Fined Sixty Quid
12 I've Got A Target On My Back
13 Tube Disaster
14 Death Train
15 Jesus Poem
16 What Have You Got To Smile About?
17 Debden (I Hate Life In)
18 1970's Rejects
19 I Am Mentle
20 Alive All Your Life
21 Debden (I Hate Life In)
22 System Rejects
23 Hitler's Still A Nazi
24 Tube Disaster
25 Submission
26 Anarcheest (69)
27 Cheap
28 Andy Pandy
29 Untitled
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